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    Today I�d like to speak about one of my �Holy Grail� beauty products. It�s Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, I will be absolutely in love with this device and let me tell you, although I used to be originally dubious of the company's price tag. It's 100% worth it! It retails around �33 per bottle but there are usually discount codes kicking around for 10% off occasionally that may obviously bring the purchase price down a bit.

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    So, what exactly is it? It�s basically a miracle inside a bottle (with no, this is simply not a sponsored post in any respect whatsoever) ha, I wish! My top three reasons for showing this item a lot love are below, but when you�ve had an adequate amount of me wittering on and you�re just a little undecided about if you should splurge or otherwise, proceed correctly, you won�t be sorry.

     It decreases the appearance of pores, mattifies, moisturises and evens your skin�s texture at once!
     I use it daily as a possible illuminating base, I give a drop of LE BLANC DE CHANEL to Estee Lauder Double Wear prior to application and it literally creates my perfect shade with added radiance boosters.
     I love the ingredient list. We have incredibly sensitive fair skin after a severe hypersensitivity to *the product that shalt not be named* this became such a welcome luxurious comfort to my skin. Although I warn you, as soon as you go �high-end� it�s pretty tough to go back.

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